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Students live on their phones.
Shouldn't their chapel records live there too?

Attendance management for required events has often consumed an inordinate amount of time and human resources. For example, many Christian campuses monitor students’ chapel attendance by scanning student IDs, checking which assigned seats are empty, or other error-prone and time-consuming methods.

Sample image of qr code used to scan students into an event The iAttended app puts the student in the driver’s seat. After students scan themselves in, they receive instant confirmation that their attendance has been recorded. Students’ progress in the program is updated instantly on their mobile device. Because all attendance records are synced in the cloud, administrators also get instant feedback for specific events as well as by event type (chapel, cultural events, etc).

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iAttended clients get access to our two integrated products.

iAttended App

Image of events list Students download this free app onto their iPhone or iPad and log in with their university username and password. The app will show them upcoming events as well as ones they’ve already attended. When they’re at an event, the app can detect their presence and offer to record their attendance. Alternatively, you can provide a printed or projected custom QR code that applies only to that event. You decide what kind of authentication you want: beacon, QR code, or manual scanning.

Image of graph showing progress towards attendance goalsIf students need to attend a certain number of events, the app will show their progress towards their goal. Goals can be configured within a defined period (10 chapels in a semester) or left open-ended (30 chapels before graduation).

Student workers and administrators can use this administrator-only section within the app to scan student ID codes. Attendance records created with the uAttended app immediately sync with both the iAttended app and website.

Distribute the app internally or through the App Store.


Administrators can create and manage events and retrieve attendance records. You can create multiple event categories (chapel, cultural events, volunteer opportunities, for example) and set attendance targets and periods for each one. Administrators can review detailed attendance rolls for each event, attendance history for a particular student, as well as end-of-term aggregate reports showing which students achieved your targets.

All records are encrypted and stored within Google's cloud infrastructure, and iAttended has been designed to be FERPA and GDPR compliant.

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