Generate a Dense Data Report

This form will generate reports similar to what you'd get with an API, with data presented in a dense CSV format that you can copy and paste into a spreadsheet. (See here for advice on how to convert your pasted data into Excel or Google Sheets.) The data will overwrite the contents of this page, so refresh the page if you need to return to this version of the page to generate a new report.

We'll add more options to this page, so if there's a type of report that you need, let us know and we'll see if we can add it.

Monthly or Weekly Attendance Counts

This will show you attendance numbers for a period of your choosing up to 31 days. If your selected dates are more than 31 days apart, the report will give you numbers for the 31 days after the start date. Only users with attendance credits in this period will be included in the results, so this won't report ghosts or inactives.

Because counts are generated from scratch for each attendee, the speed of results will depend on how many attendees are included in the inquiry. Once you hit the Generate button, the server will start assembling your data and should return results in 10-15 seconds. Larger data sets may take longer.

Data will contain four columns: Email, Name, User Id (if one exists), Credits