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Privacy FAQs

What data do you store?

We use the name and email address you provided when you logged in to create a list of people who attended an event. When you record your attendance at an event, we create a record of that in a cloud-based database. When you use the app to record your attendance, we save your current location. We don't record any other location information if you aren't using the app or registering for events. We also use Google Analytics to monitor how users use the app to help us improve it, but such usage data can't be traced to individual users, nor do we use it for any other commercial purposes like marketing and advertising.

Where is my data?

Though data starts off on your device, it is encrypted and uploaded to a database hosted by Google. From there, some of it may be decrypted and transferred to databases managed by the organization that hosted the event you attended.

Who sees my data?

Your attendance data is shared with the organization that created the events you register your attendance at. Each organization can only see your data for their own events. They cannot see attendance data for other organizations that you use this app for.

Do you track my location?

We note your location when you record your attendance at an event, but we don't track you outside of those moments. Sometimes we set up a low-powered Bluetooth beacon in a location to offer you an easy way of registering your attendance, so the app will try to find those signals and match them to an event in that space. Even if you are in range of such a beacon, you always have the choice to decline to register your attendance, in which case your location will not be noted or stored.

Do you give or sell my data to anyone other than the host organization?


Can I delete my attendance records?

Yes. You can delete all your attendance records from your device and the cloud database. If you do so, your records cannot be restored, though the host organizations my have made copies of your attendance data that we can't delete.

Where can I find your official privacy policy?

Right here: