Upload User IDs

Upload a CSV-formatted spreadsheet with emails in the first column and your ID (number and/or letters) in the second column. You may include a header row, but it is not required. You can download a template here or follow the example structure in your own spreadsheet file so long as you export or save it as a CSV.

Email ID
bob@email.com 123456
mary@email.com ABC123

Once your list is uploaded, we will match existing users by the email address you provide. Unmatched emails on your uploaded list will remain in the system and be checked for a match whenever a new user attends one of your events.

To update a user's ID, upload a new CSV file with the corrected information. This could be a file with just a few rows or a master file with all of your attendee data.

When matched, ID data will appear in the period summary tables, which can be downloaded as CSV files.

You can review your uploads here.